What’s your “basketball account balance”?

By October 1, 2014Blog Post

What’s your “basketball account balance”?

Understanding basketball VALUE, TREASURES and WEALTH. 

For thousands of youth basketball players nationwide, basketball season starts in just over a month. Many of you made “deposits”  into your “basketball bank account” all Summer by working hard on your hoop game, conditioning and staying in shape. You started to put some “sweat equity” into your account and you are hoping it pays “dividends” later.

What did you put into your account this Summer? What are you putting into it today?

Like many players, you probably played summer league, travel ball, went to camps and spent time in the gym with your buddies or a coach training and working on your game. But did you make worthwhile deposits this off season? There are 3 ways to make your basketball account balance grow: value your time in the gym, treasure your experiences and put wealth into your workouts.

Arvin Mosley

Coach Mosley making a basketball deposit!

If you don’t put VALUE, TREASURES and WEALTH  into your basketball account, what are you going to be able to take out when the game is on the line and you need it most? Your account can only grow when you make a profitable deposit.

How do you value your time in the gym? You need to have focused and consistent effort. When you get to the gym, you have to be mentally engaged with the task at hand. “The best players play present and in the moment.” That means that they are not thinking about where they are going for dinner, what a fan yelled, or the last mistake they made. They are thinking about the play that’s right in front of them or the workout that they are doing right now.

How do you treasure your experiences? Remember, basketball is a game played for fun! The stakes may get high at times (million dollar contracts, championship game, scholarships, etc) but it is still a game! You have to treasure your time as a player. You have to treasure the time you get to spend with your coaches and teammates. You have to take care of your body by eating right and getting proper rest. You have to treat the entire experience as a treasure and appreciate every opportunity the game of basketball gives you.

Were your workouts wealthy? How much do you study the game? Do you study yourself and the great players? To get the most out of your training, you need to learn to study. Whether it’s reading a book about leadership or watching an instructional video, you need to be comfortable seeking out new information and knowledge and trying to apply it to your hoop game.

NOW, think back to your Summer basketball training, playing and workouts … how prepared are you for tryouts this Fall? What have you done to put you and your team in the best possible position to compete next season? Did you deposit productive hours in the gym making shots? Did you deposit effective dribbling drills to tighten up your handle? Did you deposit endless days of working out with your coaches or a teammate?

The great thing about a bank account, though, is that you can make deposits on your earnings at just about any time! That means, you still have time to build up some sweat equity in your account. It’s not too late to start making deposits for this season.

Start banking some basketball cash right now so you can withdrawal a defensive stop when you need it or drain a deep 3 as time expires. Get to the gym today and start depositing some practice hours now, so when the game is on the line, you have all the basketball cash you need to come out on top!


Coach Mosley